Alfred – MacOS on steroids!

I’m a Mac user since 2010 now and fell in love with Spotlight at first sight. I’m coming from a Windows background and didn’t knew any tools like this for windows. Spotlight allows to quickly search applications, definitions, files, documents, do a web search, browse contacts and many more.

You can do all these great things without leaving your keyboard with just pressing CMD+SPACE – something every developer loves. Now this is where Alfred ( kicks in. „Alfred – MacOS on steroids!“ weiterlesen

Belegung von Sondertasten deutscher Tastaturen auf OS X

Möchte man eine Tastatur mit deutschem Tastaturlayout mit einem Mac benutzen, so funktionieren die Standardtasten normalerweise ohne Probleme.
Problematisch wird es jedoch mit dreifach belegten Tasten, die von Entwicklern häufig benötigt werden. Hierzu gehören zum Beispiel die geschweiften Klammern, die eckigen Klammern, der Backslash, die Tilde usw.
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Fluid: Escaping nested Inline ViewHelper

While working with TYPO3’s template engine Fluid it is sometimes necessary (or more elegant) to nest ViewHelpers for directing some function’s return value to the next function, e.g. for formatting.

TL;DR: If all you need is taking a look at a working example, please scroll down to the last code snippet of this article.

Now, let’s start a few steps back.

What is Fluid’s Inline Notation for ViewHelpers and when should you use it?

ViewHelpers are nifty little functions for your Fluid Template helping you to render data into your HTML offering if-then-else-comparisons, localising labels, counting, formatting, debugging, and a lot more. Many of them already come with your TYPO3 Core. „Fluid: Escaping nested Inline ViewHelper“ weiterlesen